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High Five for Friday

17 January 2014

To be honest, there is nothing high five worthy about this Friday. You see, my 12 day vacation from work has finally come to an end and I must give up my full-time housewife duties and return to my job as a slave nurse tonight. Three night shifts is how I will be spending my weekend and to say that I would rather poke out my own eyeballs than go to work would not be a lie. I have come to the conclusion that I need a new job, one that I actually don't hate, so I am currently in the process of completing my grad school application. Mind you, it will take me four years to finish it as I can only go to school part-time (need the full-time job to pay the bills) but at least it's an escape route a plan. So while you are all rejoicing and screaming TGIF, I'm begging for Monday morning. In the meantime, here are five photos that highlight this past week. They all involve food and clothing, otherwise known as happier times.

A local franchise named Wing'n It just opened up in our town and to say I am excited would be the biggest understatement of the year. I was obsessed with the restaurant when I lived in the city (I mean, they have over 90 flavours of wings!) and I have missed it tremendously since I left. Luckily, my cousin is working at the new restaurant which gave us access to the Friends and Family soft opening on Monday night (no lineups and 25% off, yes please!). Anyway, the point.. I ordered my favourite "Mayday" wings which are a combination of caesar dressing and parmesan cheese, as well as creamy parmesan fries. Clearly, my diet walked out the front door that night. It was so delicious though, and I had enough left over to eat for lunch the next day!

I headed to the city on Tuesday evening with my momma for some retail therapy. After my diet got up and left the room, my shopping budget wanted to join it. I have been searching for the perfect navy gingham button-up shirt forever and sadly, this option from Old Navy did not fit the bill (or rather, it did not fit me). I also couldn't resist trying on this hot pink vest which was on sale for a mere $9, but ultimately I left without it. It looks cute in the photo but sadly I didn't feel cute in reality. Plus, I bought a vest from Old Navy earlier this year and it has yet to leave my closet. I have yet to figure out which weather is vest weather. To me, if it's cold enough to wear a vest, I should be wearing a jacket. And if it's too warm for a jacket, then I don't need a vest.

Since the last time I visited the city, Victoria's Secret and PINK have opened stores in the mall. Naturally, I had to check it out! I tried on a couple of swimsuits, regretted eating all that food on Monday night (just kidding, it was too good to regret) and left empty-handed. I love that they actually carry swimsuits in the store, though, and I have a feeling that I will be investing in a few before the summer, especially if the weather is as warm as it was last year!

The damage from my trip to the city. As you can see, I like lace and gingham, plus there is a gorgeous wool fairisle sweater hiding to the right of the photo. I will include a full review of my January purchases at the end of the month, so expect to see more elaboration on this photo later. P.S. Found that elusive perfect navy gingham shirt at Gap.. on sale! Score!

And finally, my J. Crew order from the beginning of the month finally arrived! I'm not entirely sure why I continue buying cardigans from J. Crew considering that they all end up developing holes long before they should, but anyway.. these are to replace those with holes. And they were 40% off so it's okay, right? Again, expect more detail later in the month.

 Now excuse me while I pray to the lottery gods that I will win $50 million tonight.


  1. First off, I can't believe I wasn't already following you on Instagram. I just corrected that situation. ;)

    Those wings & french fries look delicious.

    Yay for retail therapy! =)


    1. Thank you for the follow and for the lovely comments that you left! :) I requested to follow you in return!

  2. The pink bomber vest is perfect!