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The Sunday Currently

05 January 2014

Well, what an end to the week it has been. First we were hit by a blizzard, and then we lost our power for over a day. I know, I shouldn't complain about a day but we really were not prepared for it! I was working nights, so at least I have power and heat at work, but Matt had to leave our apartment and stay at our friends' house because it was too cold. Thankfully, our power came back on this morning and we have settled back into our own place. I took down the Christmas decorations today which was saddening but I'm happy to have more space here again.

Other than that, I don't have much to say, so I figured I would link up with The Sunday Currently over at Siddathornton. Enjoy! 

R E A D I N G "The Husband's Secret" by Liane Mortiary, which is the January book club selection over at Life of Bon. I am over halfway through and really enjoying it thus far.

W R I T I N G A grocery list of items to pick up tomorrow. I had to throw out a bunch of food that spoiled while we were away for Christmas. Such a waste! Also on the list: supplies and ingredients to make Toblerone Cheesecake for Matt's birthday.

L I S T E N I N G To CSI: Miami on the TV and Matt talking to me.

T H I N K I N G I wish I knew why I am always in such a bad mood these days! What is wrong with me?

S M E L L I N G Nothing in particular at the moment.

W I S H I N G I was in a better mood. I'm trying to think positive and be positive since I don't actually have a reason to be unhappy.

H O P I N G That the grocery stores aren't out of food tomorrow, after this blizzard and lack of power that we have been experiencing the past couple of days.

W E A R I N G Pyjama pants and a white 3/4 sleeve shirt with gold sequin polka dots from Old Navy. I was wearing plum jeggings earlier but changed into something more comfortable after supper.

L O V I  N G Reading lifestyle blogs, how tidy the apartment looks after taking down the Christmas tree today, rewatching season one of New Girl, and the fact that I am off work until the 17th of January.

W A N T I N G A house to call my own.. with a fireplace. And a cat and a dog.

N E E D I N G To wash dishes and fold clothes, but it may just have to wait until tomorrow. I am feeling particularly lazy tonight after working three night shifts in a row and not sleeping a lot during the day.

F E E L I N G A headache, unfortunately.

C L I C K I N G On two new blogs that I have discovered this week, Couture Girl and A Girl Awake (from whom I stole these questions!).


  1. This is the worst time of year to lose power! have fun on your break from work. :)

    1. Agreed! It has been super cold lately too. Thank you! :)