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Pinspiration, Volume 1

08 January 2014

What do you people with blogs talk about all the time? Gosh, I only just started and I'm already out of ideas. I'm on my holidays at work so the most that I have been doing is housewife duties (otherwise known as cursing on this apartment and dreaming about a house), reading, and watching Netflix.

Yesterday was Matt's birthday and his parents came up for supper, which was delicious. I made a Toblerone Cheesecake which was less than delicious, thanks to our stove which Noah clearly brought over on the ark. Seriously, it's ancient. We gave him some gifts. No pictures were taken (#bloggerfail). My mom met his parents when she dropped off his birthday card. Today I made soup (Beef Barley, in case you were wondering).

Honestly, worst blogger ever. I thought about doing a "My Favourites of 2013" post but it seems a bit too late for that now. Feel free to tell me otherwise though.

How about a little…
Also known as "If Pinterest were my real life" or "What I've Pinned Lately".

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I'm not entirely sure why, but I am kind of obsessed with grey lately. Loving grey and purple with silver or grey and red with black for a bathroom!

I've been on the hunt for the perfect navy nail polish ever since my bottle of China Glaze "First Mate" mysteriously disappeared. I thought that Essie "After School Boy Blazer" would be my replacement until I found this Zoya "Sailor" at my hair salon.

If my holidays had a mantra, this would be it.

Can we just talk about the perfection that is this ombré wedding dress? If I had a ring on my finger right now, you better believe this wedding dress would be in my closet.

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Loving pops of pink for winter! Definitely brightens up this bleak weather.

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I'm also loving colorful plaid scarves! I picked one up at Old Navy early in the winter and I wear it all the time.

I hope you enjoyed my Pinspiration! It turned out to be a bigger chore than I thought (before making a pretty header, I had to download a pretty font, then I had to work with Gimp, which I hate..) but you can expect to see a lot more of these on lazy days, #sorrynotsorry. Feel free to link up below and show me your recent Pinspiration!


  1. Definitely not too late for a Favorites of 2013 post! It looks like mine won't be going up until next week. But hey, we're still in January so I think that counts close enough to the last year to count. :) Gah, I'm so obsessed with Pinterest. It's such a time vortex...you get on for five minutes and it turns into an hour before you know it!

  2. Would love to see your 2013 favorites!!

  3. Oh yes, definitely do a 2013 faves!

    That is SO weird because I just read this blog post for the first time - and what is on my nails right now is Zoya Sailor!!! Haha. I just painted them last night! I love it!

    1. Thanks for the comment! :) I have yet to pick it up, but I definitely need to!