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All I Want For Christmas.. 2013 Edition

16 December 2013

Apologies for disappearing off the face of the earth for a few days. I ended up spending all of last week between the bed and the couch, incapable of breathing or swallowing properly. It was actually so bad that I called in sick to work for both of my shifts, which is something that I hate doing, but was absolutely necessary. I was miserable! After countless episodes of Gossip Girl, a ton of medication, and lots of soup, I am finally on the mend. Other than my health, here are a few of the items on my Christmas wishlist this year (I will be lucky if I receive one or two of these, don't worry).

From left - right, top - bottom..
Tory Burch Denai Quilted Rain Bootie | I need a pair of boots that are suitable for the rain and snow (okay, mostly snow) that are cute, but mainly functional. With the practical "duck boot" bottom and quilted upper half, these fit the bill. Unfortunately I cannot find a review of them anywhere online!

Hunter "Original Gloss" Rain Boot (Kids) | The upside of having small feet? I can purchase kids shoes for a much cheaper price! To be honest, I couldn't decide between the mint or the lilac, so I asked for either/or. Not the most practical of colors, but definitely cute and suitable for the rain and snow.

Dogeared "Yesterday, Today, Forever" necklace | I've been looking for a new necklace for what feels like forever, and I finally settled on this one. I love Dogeared jewelry - my current necklace is also Dogeared - and both the design and the message behind this necklace caught my eye. I love the mixture of metals, as it allows me to mix and match my other jewelry to the necklace.

Kate Spade Moonlit Soiree Sonia (surprise sale link) | The perfect sequined bag to take out for a night on the town! Matches everything and is the perfect size to throw your cell phone, lip gloss and money in.

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium ConiCurl | To be honest, I still use my old curling iron (with the clamp!) to curl my hair. Since I don't actually use the clamp itself, I figure it is time to move on to a proper curling iron. This one has great reviews and is quite affordable, plus I've had good experiences with this brand.

Echo Touch Bow Glove (Camel) | I know that I won't be getting these for Christmas as they have been out of stock on the Chapters/Indigo website since I discovered them, but how cute are they?  Made with special eLink fabric, I could use my iPhone without having to sacrifice warmth or style.

Vera Bradley Large Duffel in "Heather" | There is just something about Vera Bradley's quilted prints that makes me happy. Love the large duffel bag, which is perfect for a weekend trip to the cabin.

Expressions Pillow "Enjoy the Little Things" | My mantra in life, colored in gold foil on the cutest pillow. A great visual daily reminder!

Bubbly Gold Champagne Flutes | I fell in love with these in store and decided that they need a place in my future house. Would love to sip champagne from these festive flutes after a long hard day at work!

So there you have it - my (superficial) wishes for Christmas 2013. If I have time, I will post my stocking stuffer wishlist too. However, I only have one day off this week (Wednesday) and I have a to-do list a mile long, so no guarantees!

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