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The Blogmopolitan Quiz

10 December 2013

Today my body is like "You thought you were sick yesterday? Hah!". Instead of getting better, I seem to be getting worse. What was initially a sore throat turned into a head cold, and now it is a head cold with a sore throat. The fact that it was -12 degrees outside last night and I insisted on sleeping with the window open is probably the reason for that. But without it, I would have literally smothered. Woe is me.

So far today I have moved by limp, lifeless body from the bed to the couch where I have been consuming copious amounts of homemade turkey soup while watching endless episodes of Gossip Girl on Netflix. In going with the theme, I figured I would complete The Blogmopolitan Quiz, created by Erin of Two Thirds Hazel. Enjoy!

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