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All I Want For Christmas is Tissues

09 December 2013

Naturally, when I have a hundred and two things to get done, I would get sick.

Sure, it's only a cold and I am a nurse, which means I should suck it up and deal with it, right? No. Wrong. I spend my days taking care of sick people, now can someone please feed me chicken noodle soup while I lie in bed and watch countless episodes of New Girl and Property Virgins?! I'll repay the favour when you get sick. Well, if you come to the hospital where I can get paid a decent hourly wage that is.

Seriously though, there is only 16 days left until Christmas and I can guarantee that my to-do list has twice the amount of tasks on it as there are days to complete them. It doesn't help that every day that I'm not working, there are Christmas parties and weddings and family affairs to attend. At this point, consider yourself lucky if your gift is wrapped. Actually, consider yourself lucky that you even have a gift, because some recipients of mine don't even have that yet.

My plan tonight is to tackle the Christmas cards and perhaps a few gifts. Being sick is also making me crave cookies, so perhaps a little baking will be in order too. Who am I kidding? After a trip to the grocery store this evening, I will most likely be too exhausted to even take my coat off. Dear Santa, please make me feel better ASAP!

1 comment:

  1. I hope you feel better, sweetie.